Wednesday, 10 August 2011

H Cooked Dinner

Last night H cooked dinner. He shopped at Tesco and the local green grocer for ingredients. He made Salmon bake with some salad and Banoffee pie from Jamie's 30 minutes meal. Asparagus is out of season so he used an orange pepper instead. I think this meal came in under £10. We used a tray of value Salmon from Tesco and the veg man donated some tomatoes and chili. We also used some home grown salad.
They were both delicious. The boys talked dreamily of having a second round of Banoffee pie at lunch time.
H reckoned Jamie had his book very well laid out and the instructions were easy to follow but how did Jamie Oliver make chocolate curls for the Banoffee ? In 30 minutes ?
We made the pastry case ourselves so we ended spending an hour on this menu. And because the pastry is hot out of the oven, the fillings ended up being too runny but we live and learn.
It is J's turn tonight. Is it dinner time yet ?

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