Monday, 23 January 2012

Christmas Theatre Trip

A theatre trip is turning into a family tradition in our household. A couple of weeks ago we went to see Ghost the musical, in London. It was amazing. Even A who is very sceptical about actors bursting into songs, thoroughly enjoyed it.

In 2010, we saw the Nutcracker at the Coliseum. Do you still remember the weather in 2010 ? We drove down to London in the heaviest snowfall. It was slow going in most places on the M11 but we were fortunate, we got there and back home safely. I have a few photos from our drive, taken from inside the car. It was definitely No Winter Wonderland.

I first blogged about this layout for Sarah's Cards. You can find the instructions to make the layout here.

I hope you like the moose! Are you hoping for some snow this year ? I am enjoying the mild weather right now...I only wish it wasn't so dark.


Sian said...

Yes, the moose are quirky! I like them. I do think a little bit of snow would be nice..

Sharon said...

Oooh Ifa, we saw the Nutcracker at the Coliseum in December 2011. Luckily we went by train! Wonderful ballet and venue though! Glad you enjoyed Ghost - we are off to see Legally Blond this Saturday!