Monday, 9 January 2012

Missing, Lost to C.O.D

My dear son, J, spends a lot of time on the Xbox. What can I say ? At least he is not out at all hours and I know where he is.

If you don't know, C.O.D stands for Call of Duty and the next bit of letters are MW3 or Modern Warfare 3, the latest incarnation of COD which came out early November.

I wrote, "J, this is a photo of you in August, on our family holiday, happy, bubbly and very much part of the family. Then we came home, school started and I was pleasantly surprised. You kept this up. You would come down in the evening to ask if anyone wanted to play a game or watch a movie. Then C.O.D came out in November and we don't 'see' you no more."

Don't get me wrong. I am proud of him and his achievements. He is delivering the results at school ( though Biology leaves a lot to be desired! ), he still plays the piano and he gives some of his time every fortnight to work in a charity shop.

He now has 2 weeks of mock exams for GCSE. Good luck J.


alexa said...

Ahhh, the love you feel for him, even though he is missing in (in)action still shines through! Such a sunny feel to this.

Sian said...

At least you know where he is - I like that! And the layout too, of course. Best of luck with those Mocks

Karen said...

Oh I love this - I think there's a whole generation of boys (and men)lost to COD and MW3 :-D
J sounds a lovely young man - you should be very proud xx