Monday, 16 January 2012

Remembering 2011

I wanted to make a layout to document the little things that might not have made it on a layout in their own right. I was fretting over photos before finally deciding to do without as the journalling is the most important aspect of my story.

My journalling reads, "According to a Johnie Boden flyer, I probably trudged 20 miles behind a supermarket trolley, found 2 new passions and woke up on the sofa 52 least! I definitely worked hard all year for my piano exam, took up Zumba and woodworking, finished renovating the pool only to fill it up again but most notable of all, spending a lot of time with A whilst doing it."

I have used a lot of items from October Afternoon Miscellany pack from their Sidewalk collection...I love that product from all their collections!


alexa said...

That's a lovely idea - just concentrate on the writing and have fun with all the other bits: gloriously colourful and eye-catching!

Sian said...

Very lovely :) I'm about to browse the new Boden catalogue as soon as I've read all my favourite blogs

debs14 said...

I've been invited to a Boden party at a neighbour's house in February - very tempting! I like the numbers that they have come up with, probably very true.
Lovely layout.

Lisa-Jane said...

Its a wonderful collection and I love what you've done with it!