Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A New Tradition

I hope so but before I get to that, Happy New Year. I hope 2012 will be peaceful, successful, prosperous and filled with lots of love for you all. And may it be a very crafty 2012 too.

We started a new family tradition this holiday. A conversation between A and his colleague, Mr M, revealed that during Christmas, Mr M family always has a family meal where every member of the family cooks a dish. A told me, "What a great idea, we are going to do that!". "But what about the turkey ?", I protested. "Not on Christmas day itself, after all the left over turkey has been eaten...New Year", was his reply.

A proceeded to writing on some scrap of papers and putting them into a hat. I drew Starter and the theme is Mediterranean. Not too bad a theme for our first time, plenty of different cuisines to draw from around the Med.

I made some houmous and roasted vegetables that I served in tortilla wrap.

J drew drinks and appetizer. He made fresh pink lemonade. He intended to make blue lemonade but the blueberries turned the lemonade pink. How would you turn lemonade blue without resorting to colouring ? He also served some Halloumi.

H made pizza including making the dough and tomato sauce for main.

A made a black and white dessert, serving milk pudding and chocolate mousse.

I complained about the lack of presentation so A stuck a sprig of mint on mine.

I would love to hear what you get up to for Christmas but please, only family friendly stories.


Mel said...

This idea is great - we did Come Dine with Me with friends this year and all found the whole meal a bit of a strain and all day/week cook-a-thon this seems more managable. It all looks yummy!

Lizzie said...

Great fun, Ifa! We might just try this too.
DS and I have been racking our brains, for "blue" options... we can't think of any juice combi's that would result in a blue colour. All would come out either yellow, orange, green, red, purple or brown/sludgy! Even bilberries dilute to a purple colour. Sorry!
Still, pink lemonade, made with blueberry juice, would taste great.
Well done to your sons, for their planning and execution of their share in the meal - I think they did so well.
The "presentation" photo made me laugh.
What a happy and enjoyable new tradition!

alexa said...

This looks like great fun - love the sprig on mint in the chocolate!