Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend

So how was it for you ? Wasn't it great ? Despite the weather, I think the celebratory spirit really showed through. Perhaps I spent too much time on the tv following the coverage but why not ? It doesn't come around very often now, does it ?

We were in London on Sunday to watch the Thames Pageant. Wow, what a spectacle that was. We arrived in Battersea just after ten. Unfortunately we had to queue up as they didn't have the scanners to let people in.

When we were finally let in, every one made their way to the river front. We couldn't find anywhere right up front to stand so we set up our picnic blanket on a slightly hilly flower bed.

We waited over three hours before the Pageant started with this first boat.

I had to snap some photos of the boats bearing the Commonwealth flags. I love how they are all in neat formation ( though the lines went to pieces very soon after this! )

The boat the Queen was travelling on was docked just in front of us. After watching and wondering when they were going to join, they finally did.

After we waved the Queen past, people started to lose interest. We did watch a few more go pass but we retreated to check out the entertainment at Battersea Festival.

It started to rain quite hard so we followed a large group of sensible people and left.

I have also picked the winner of my Jubilee buttons. It is no 6, Helen. Helen, could you send me your address and I will get them out to you.


Mel said...

Ohh you had a much better view than us - we were at Waterloo Bridge but only arrived about 12 and so had to try to climb onto some wheely bins for a better view!

Sian said...

Wow! You were actually there! We had to make do with the tv, but TSO made cake, so we did have a good time all the same.

You were asking about driving lseeons? It has turned out not to be as scary as I thought it would be! He's a pretty cool character to start with, so we haven't been shouting at each other. Yet. Still keeping to quiet times of the day though and planning routes well in advance

Helen said...

Just been catching up and realised that that's me!

Thanks Ifa. Love the photos of the pageant.