Monday, 17 November 2008

Not much to share but I've been busy

Honest! I was busy creating and writing my article for Scrapbook Magazine, unfortunately you can't see the results until January. Now that they are done, I can relax. Here a couple that I can show you though.

The first features a photo from Disney, remember that cheesy photo at Buffalo Bill's show ? It was taken by one of the usher who must have the steadiest hands, my camera registered a speed of 0.6 seconds as it was set on AV ( that is aperture priority on my camera ). Even I can't handhold at that speed.
Secondly is my ColorCombos LO for this week. The dodge blue, pear and cool mint were perfect for these photos of my boys. As for the 4th colour, floral white, well, I managed to fit that in somehow LOL. Having done this LO, I've noticed that I have put my titles in the same place.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Linderhof Castle

On the last day ( ok, supposedly last day but more of that later! ) we had planned on spending the day in Munich but having been completely mesmerized by King Ludwig's castle, I persuaded A that we should visit Linderhof, King Ludwig's Royal Villa.
Linderhof is just the other side of the mountain from us but the shortest route of 28 miles took us through Austria. We were excited about "going" to Austria as none of us has been before. We only stopped to take a few photos at this lake but we resolved to visit properly next time.

This is Linderhof, with my reluctant troop lined up front. It is tiny but the only completed project of King's Ludwig. The outside statues and urns have all been covered for winter, can you see a little tall hut to the side of the photo ? Unfortunately we missed seeing the cascade and Neptune fountain because of this.
The inside was wow, totally amazing! Totally over the top but it is sad to hear the guide saying that King Ludwig spent most of his time alone in this castle. He even avoided the servants, they were not allowed to be in the same room as him. He had an "elevator type" table that was set out in the kitchen and winched up to the dining table on the first floor where he dined alone.

Glad we made a detour to Linderhof.
After we drove up to Munich, the roads and speed of vehicles is quite scary. Not surprisingly, we were delayed on the motorway because a motorcyclist was in an accident. We had a late lunch at Prinz Myshkin ( thanks Alexa ) and went to the airport. We were early so we braced ourselves for a long wait but an hour before departure we saw that the flight was delayed for an hour, not long after, it was CANCELLED...the plane has a mechanical problem. What a nightmare but luckily it was Saturday night otherwise the boys would have missed school. We were bussed and fed at a hotel about 10km from the airport. Another flight has been scheduled for 10am tomorrow. "No, it is not the same plane", we were assured by an employee.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Happy birthday to me

Another year, eeek. Not that I am feeling older than 25, he, he.
A is away but he entrusted the presents giving to H. Boy, he did well, he remembered! I got a troll bead and the trollbead leather bracelet, a box of metal paperclips from Paperchase ( Yay, have I not trained them well ? ) and a set of travel bottles for my cleanser/toner/ moisturiser...all those stuff a girl needs to keep age at bay. I hate dispensing them into smaller bottles but with the travel restriction looking to stay, I hope these bottles don't leak.

I did this layout this morning for Love the orange, made me think Autumn immediately.
And hope to go shopping as soon as I finish this post. I am looking for a light cashmere cardigan, preferably one that is not too "twinset" looking. Wish me luck. I might even stop at a car showroom...a new car for me is on offer but I am hesitant to spend, what with the world economy the way it is.