Monday 24 February 2014

I Love Berlin

More Valentine's range to share with you...

My journalling reads,

Berlin has many graffiti but none as tasteful as the one on the wall of our hotel. And the Berlin Bear too, what could be better ? There's also the symbol of the East, the one finger salute to the West. And then there's the lights. Nobody does the Christmas fairs and lights as expansively as the Germans. Where else but in Berlin ?

The Bear Graffiti is on a wall that is perhaps 6 or 7 storey high.  It is pointing inwards towards a courtyard so you wouldn't see it unless you are staying at the hotel. 

Here's the main concentration of "lurve" products that I've used, from Crate Paper Love Notes and a little bit of Close Knit. I can never resist Crate Paper!

Monday 17 February 2014

OXO or XOX ?

Cryptic, right ?  LOL.

Inspired by Valentine's ranges and the use of XOX on many lovely products, I wanted to find a different way to use them. Luckily we had a birthday party for J at the OXO Tower in London not so long ago.  If you are British, you know OXO is a brand of stock cube. If you happen to be on the south bank of The Thames, you might have seen a building with OXO in large letters at the top of the tower.  This is now a swanky restaurant.

It was difficult for us to find something nicer than normal that H would be happy to eat at so this was a good compromise.  It was just finger food so there was a selection to keep everyone happy. J was even provided with a piece of Christmas cake.  Unfortunately the photos are quite dark due to the low lighting {{don't you just hate that ? Sometimes, I can't even read the menu! }} but I still have to make best use of what I have.

I used a piece of patterned paper labelled XOXO all over in black.  By layering a printed acetate sheet, with a clear window, I was able to highlight OXO. I had chipboard spelling out XOX but replacing one X with a circular chipboard, I ended up with OXO. I also had a sticker labelled XOXO but by overlaying the first X with hearts, I have my last alteration. 

Here's a closer look. What do you think ? I am proud of my invention.

I've used products from Crate Paper Love Notes and Close Knit ranges.  The acetate is from Alison Kreft's Recorded collection. This layout was created for Sarah's Cards Sketch Challenge.  Come and join us for a chance to win an e-voucher to spend in store.

Thursday 13 February 2014

Happy 23rd Anniversary

It is our wedding anniversary this weekend. A is whisking me away to London. We'll catch a show, go out for dinner and maybe enjoy revisiting some of our old haunts.

I made this layout for Scrap365 about a similar sojourn last year.

I made some embellishments using Mod Melt. Have you tried it ? There is a whole article about it in the latest issue for Feb/March 2014.  Can you see my layout sneaking a peek on the front cover ?

It took a bit of practice to get those little beauties right so do persevere. Let me know if you have any particular never know, I might be able to help. 

Thank you for the prompt Kate. I should have said. The London skyline is clear sellotape by the lovely machine embroider Tobyboo. She told me she freehands all her design on the sewing machine. I met her at a fair in Battersea Park. On checking out the link above, I see she is starting to stock at John Lewis.  Lucky girl! 

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Where Are You Heading ?

What starts the thinking process for a layout ? For me, it is always an idea. The idea for this layout begins with the "airport board listing" paper. "Where are you going ?", it said to me. Literally, that could have been a holiday destination whilst "where are you heading ?", is more open ended. Perfect title for a layout about a young man who is thinking about what he wants to do! 

His university applications are in.  Good thing too, right ?  Otherwise it would have been late by a couple of weeks. He has 2 offers requiring top grades, 1 really good one for insurance but he is still waiting on two places he would like to end up at. Hope he likes where he gets to.