Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I am a Poet


I had a photo of myself in Paris, the Eiffel Tower in background. There was no story as such, I was just enjoying the early morning quietness of Paris, laughing at something when someone snapped this photo.

I quite like the photo though the Tower is trying to steal the limelight. So I came up with this.  (Apologies if you've already read it on my other haunting ground, Sarah's Cards.)

steel tower
a golden dome
grand avenues
& long boulevards
an obsession with symmetry
more conventional
So that was my attempt at poetry and my attempt at art follows.
I never learned to write poems at school so please excuse me if I have made some fundamental error in words not rhyming or not having the correct number of syllables etc. But I think grammatically incorrect is allowed because it is art after all!

Monday, 18 February 2013

He is a fussy eater!

My dearest son, H is getting very fussy about his food. Previously he might still consider trying something new but now, he usually says "no", just by looking at something. He doesn't eat seafood and yet, he will eat salmon but then only if it is pan-fried or roasted, hence crispy. Being half Malaysian, he loves keropok and ikan bilis ( and probably belacan! ), all fishy!  Obviously he doesn't mind the smell.
He used to come for a family meal out but last Friday, on our wedding anniversary, he opted to stay at home and had baked beans for lunch. The three of us went out to Midsummer House. The three of us love our food, especially sea food.
Right now the only place that H will be truly happy to eat out at is Jamie's Italian. Even then, he will opt for a burger, without all the trimmings. I made this layout for Scrap365 to document this phase in his life. Hopefully he will learn to love more food. Last night he even enjoyed battered okra for dinner. Now, that is progress!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Oh La La, It is Paris again.

I am organising the sketch challenge at Sarah's Cards this month.

I am pants at drawing up sketches. I think it is because I don't use a lot of layers of paper so my sketch ends up quite flat. On the other hand, it does provide a wider scope for introducing your own layers. Why don't you have a look at the challenge and decides for yourself.

This is my sample layout.

I have replaced the O in the title with a loop of waxed cord, underpinned with a stamped heart. The waxed cord provided an opportunity to hang a couple of sparklies. Here's a close up.

I am loving the feather mistables. I have inked and added glitter glue to them.  I used to worry about where to put them but I think they work well where I might normally use leaves.

What do you think ? Will you join us ?