Monday 25 January 2010

Judith, this is for you...

My friend Judith celebrated a big birthday last May. I promised to make a little book of the photos I took at the party. Many months later ( I am embarassed to say! ) it is finally ready to give. I am meeting Judith tomorrow, I hope she will like it.

The book is Daisy D's that I covered with Crate Paper. I added loads of stickles, some stickers and plenty of Kraft paper journalling pages for Judith to record her own memory of the event. I hope she hasn't forgotten!

Tuesday 19 January 2010

What did you get in the sale ?

I bought some grid and ledger Scenic Route papers (before they go out of print! ) and splashed out on a few bottles of Glimmer Mist in the sale. I got some of the Winter 2009 Limited edition. And I have been playing...

First up is H in his costume for French day at school last year. He was very specific (and boy, he is fussy about what he wears! ) that he wanted to be Sans Culotte, obviously in the tricolore. I made the hat, the waist coat and belt. Then I rescused one of his "soon to be recycled" trousers and added patches. I sprayed the journalling block. This is my first go with the spray bottles so I opted for simple and easily replaced journalling block.
Next are some photos from last summer in Florida. The cardstock is a lot more sandy brown colour but for some reason, the photo of the layout has come up very yellow. I started with plain cardstock, added some Hambly rub ons and the title using alphabet stickers. I sprayed some Glimmer Mist before adding some beach type words using clear stamps.
Last up is the photo I showed you last week, of my year group at school. It is called My Good Fortune.

Thursday 14 January 2010

When are you too old to start something new ?

Is it true that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks ? I don't think so, which is why I took up playing the piano two years ago. This has always been something I wished I had the opportunity/inclination to learn when I was younger. I am not musical and cannot read music, H even go as far as saying I am tone deaf! LOL.

Two years later, I have to say reading the music is easy. The problem is my fingers are no longer nimble. I particularly feel this right now, trying to learn a piece by Tchaikovsky. Ok, actually I am learning 3 pieces by him. I started playing "A Sick Doll" which I love, especially the last dying breath. I really felt the emotion coming through, I said to my piano teacher Jenny, "The doll must be dead by now" to which she replied, "there is Dolly's Funeral". So I rushed out and bought Tchaikovsky Opus 39 Album for the young. And you know what, once Dolly is dead and buried ( with one big sob in the middle ), you go out and buy "The New Doll". The first piece and the last are ok for my not so nimble fingers but "Dolly's Funeral", I didn't know anyone could move their fingers like that required for this piece! Need more practise, I think!

It would be easy if I have young and long fingers like those that J possesses ( is that too many S ? ). He is currently playing his first Beethoven Sonata. I am a proud mum. He did and passed his grade 5 exam last term. Since then, his playing and ethics when it comes to practising has improved somewhat. I guess you could say he has matured. Here is a LO documenting a part of his piano journey. I am delighted that he posed at the piano for me to enable me to do this LO.
This LO is called "No more measles" but you might be wondering what piano has got to do with measles. Right ? It is just a phrase our piano teacher used, she described doing piano grade exams as some sort of long illness and now that he has passed, he is so over it.

Ok, the butterfly die cut sheet didn't come out to play. I am saving it for your visit Hilary, if you are reading. I did however blow out on the Sassafras products. I did wonder how many felted monsters I would ever use and I only have a couple left! The Anthem papers are just perfect for a piano layout.

Monday 11 January 2010

Some years ago...

I had the good fortune to be offered a place at a boarding school in Malaysia. I remember going there with my parents, driving up a long drive lined with pine trees, being greeted by a prefect and taken to see my CS.
I was there for five years and here is a photo of whole-of-year group, in our fifth form, taken in July 84. Some of us had red, marching band uniform, some in navy were the prefects and I was in pinafore, third row from the front, just behind a girl in red.

I don't remember a lot from my days there; some events I don't even recall until I later saw the photographic evidence!But I do remember the girls I was there with, some of them haven't changed one bit from my mental pictures.

I went to meet one who were visiting London some five years ago, and you know what, in the street, in Paddington, I knew it was her immediately. Some ten years ago, we were meeting a friend, we saw her walking in a very busy Tottenham Court Road and knew it was her.
They have been the most supportive life-long friends, I wish I was there, back home. I love you guys!

Friday 8 January 2010

Happy new year, even if a little late!

I was having a facial on Tuesday and my beautician asked me if I have made any new year's resolution. Bless her...she is only 18 and very sweet. My answer was, "I am too old for all that, if there was anything I wanted to do, I would have done it by now." LOL. No new resolution for me this year.
The boys went back to school yesterday. We have had a great long holiday and I was a bit worried about driving condition what with the snow. Fortunately the city is quite clear and the schools have been very good about keeping the roads and path clear. But the happiest thing for me is I have had some opportunity to scrap and I can share these with you.
First up is H, sporting a turquoise cast! He slipped on ice outside the village shop. Poor thing, you might think but he is absolutely find and mobile except when it comes to school work and music practise. It is coming off on Monday and he is delighted he has a few days to show it off at school. I finally get to use some Ikea plasters too.
Next up are some photos of the boys playing in the pool. My parents gave J the inflatable dolphin over 10 years ago but we've never had the opportunity to put it to good use. Last summer, we finally had a pump and a pool handy so we took him out. I am not sure if you can read the journalling but our house rule is you must wait for the other person to fall off before it is your turn. Unfortunately for H, J is a natural at it. H had to wait and wait until eventually J let him have a go. Only problem was, H fell off pretty much immediately, every time!
Last up is our rare, whole-of-family photo whilst on safari in Kenya. Our guide, Rashid took it. We were up on some look up point on the shores of Lake Nakuru with the lake in the background. No real story here, I will probably make a companion LO to contain the story and more animal day.
Spot the recurring theme, I think I might have finally used up those BAM POP frames. I love them and was saving them for something, someday special. All LOs are special, right ? Otherwise what is the point of making them ? So the special day for those frames is right now. I think it the turn of some K&Co butterfly die cut sheet next...