Monday 24 September 2012

Cambridge Croppers September Workshop

Are you coming ?  I have made these for this Saturday.

We are using a mixture of Studio Calico Heyday and Amy Tangerine Ready Set those Bits!

You need 1 6"x4" photo in landscape for "Awesome Photo Soc". Mine is a black and white school photo of the photo society committee when I was actually at school too long ago. You also need a 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" photo for "Sixth Form". Mine is a headshot of my eldest. There is a lot of scope to tailor the layouts to suit your own photos, different sizes of photos or even go your own way.

You will need normal tools such as scissors or trimmers, double sided tape or glue, foam pads. You can expect to get messy fingers.

So see you Saturday, 29th September at Trumpington Pavillion from 10-4.

Tuesday 18 September 2012

September Scrap365

Did you see me ? I was in September Scrap365 with my first article.  I was jumping up and down when the magazine landed on the door mat...I guess the thrill of being published will always be my main motivation! I said to H, "Do you want to see a layout about you ?".  "Huh, NO!", was the reply.

H went to sailing school a few years ago and I've just got my new 400mm lens...I had fun observing the little ones from far. We had a week of outstanding weather too! Love those flat bottom boats against the beautiful sky.

Monday 10 September 2012

You know what I did this Summer ?

The summer holiday started off with a camping trip. This is a layout about how I don't like late night campfires.
We were at Alton Towers.  This is our favourite ride but we have a few others ( very gentle ) rides that we always go on.

The following weekend, we went to the "Best 80's party ever" at Audley End. There were plenty of pink leotards and tutus but I was in fleece and boots, fearing the mightest downpour.  We were lucky, the sun shone throughout before a full moon took over.

Rocking the 80's was done using a sketch by Sian Fair for Sketchbook 365.

This is followed by the trip to the Olympics.  We started our Olympic adventure in Hyde Park, watching the Triathlon ( I always struggle to spell this word! ). Weren't we lucky to see the Brownlee brothers win ?  I am particularly proud on my swimming man cut out on this layout. What do you think ?

The triathlon layout was done for Sarah's Card's Challenge. Why don't you have a go for a chance to win £20 e-voucher to spend in store ?

ps:  I am sorry to report, the low slung suit trousers made its appearance on day 2 of school!

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Back to School

I've just dropped the boys off at school.  They went on Monday for a half day induction, stayed home yesterday and after that false start, school in definitely back on!

I snapped these photos of the boys on Monday.

H was acting up and refusing to smile. A said, "How come you managed to make them smile ?" LOL. I was shouting out to H, "Say cheese, Happy Monday, Come on" whilst he was adamant, "No". So when I was jumping up and down to make him laugh, he thought I couldn't possibly be ready to take a shot. That's when it went "SNAP".  He conceded a half smile.

J is in the sixth form this year which means they get to choose what they wear.  He is wearing his suit this week but no doubt the smartness will degrade over the year. Can you ever wear a suit trousers low slung, I wonder ?
So what have you got planned for the day ? I have some scrappy projects brewing in my head so let's see how they translate to paper. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself.

Incidentally, I have something to let you know.  I am having a one day workshop in Cambridge on Saturday 29th September 10-4. Maybe you'd like to spend a day with some lovely Cambridge Croppers ? Why don't you look our group up on Facebook.