Thursday, 29 November 2012

Watch out, he's on the road

Watch out...he is moving off the dirt tracks. My J is seventeen today.  I have booked him a driving lesson during ones of his free period at school.  You might not want to come into town.

Friday, 23 November 2012

A Christmassy December Scrap365

Have you got a copy ? Did you see me ?  I wrote about my signature style.  This is the layout I produced.

It was quite difficult to analyse and write about your own style.  As you get used to doing certain things on your layout, you cease to recognise those features that to a third person is what make your layout distinctively you.  So if you read it, what did you think ?  Did I make sense ?

I scrapped an old photo of me with my boys. Now that the boys are teenagers and preferring not to be photographed, I am loving delving into the boxes of old photos. You might see more cutesy photos soon.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Sketchbook 365 December Challenge

The December Sketch is up on Sketchbook365. I have taken this opportunity to scrap our trip to Wembley to Olympic Football in the summer with that regulation photo in front of the stadium.  Can you spot a couple of Mexicans in the background ?

Monday, 5 November 2012

UKS Cybercrop Layouts

Did you take part ? I had every intention to but didn't get a lot of chance to sit down and do something. 

I only managed the very first class by Suzy.  I use to do some patchwork and (not some much) quilting so the idea really appealed to me.  Definitely much quicker with paper!

And this is the sample layout for my class. My dearest used to call me Fuzzy Wuzzy when we were dating, on account of my frizzy hair.

My journalling says,
This photo was taken in Paris many years ago when we took our first trip together.  So you see, even if this story is about me, it is also about you. You would mention this time whenever you try to convince me that I could leave my hair to dry naturally. I don’t buy it! You used to call me Fuzzy Wuzzy too. But the reminder of this time always brings back the fondest of memory.