Friday, 26 October 2012

Happy Birthday to UKS

UKS is celebrating the tenth birthday by having a cybercrop. Are you joining in ? I have a class scheduled for 5pm on 30th of October. Will I see you there ?

Friday, 12 October 2012

Our Harry Potter Studio Tour

Like all you Harry Potter fans, we were excited to see that they were opening a studio tour in London, we promptly booked tickets to go.  We were not dissapointed.  The details from the exhibits were amazing. I didn't think you'd need such good details for the films. I am probably still basing my thinking on how badly the models for Star Wars were made. But that was the 80's right and they were good for then.
I have made a few layouts from the visit. I am grouping all my Harry Potter Studio tour layouts here. Sorry if you have seen these layouts as some might have appeared in other blog posts separately.

I was so excited to see large posters of film scenes on the walls outside, I just had to snap the guys from the back. I drew and cut out some owls, broomstick, hat etc for my own magic scene.
The flying car was one of the first thing we saw when we got inside.  I shot maybe 10 photos of it but as it was dark and there were a lot of people around to spoil the shots, I didn't get a very good photo.  I was delighted to find another, outside, in the backlot. I let the boys drive.

In the wand room, all the wands are indivually boxed, labelled and neatly stacked up. Each one "belongs" to a cast from the films. One of the visitor at the time was a crew member and she very kindly pointed out her wand from the thousands in there.
Did you get a chance to taste butterbeer ?  I thought it tasted just like rootbeer...we used to have a lot of this from A&W when I was growing up.  Diagon Alley was perfect in every detail...especially the book shop...I could spend many hours browsing in there if it was a real book store. I still have a few Harry Potter layouts planned that I will continue to add to this post.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Dark Side of the Moon

You know those first day of school photos that I religously take every year...not all of them make it on to a layout. This year I am delighted to say, I have made a layout for each of my boys and all before the end of September! Honest, it was all done before the weekend but I didn't get a chance to take some photos to share with you till now.

You might be wondering about the title of this post and the layout ?  

In the first week of term, the school hosted a parents' social to welcome us to school. H joined middle school this year.  The Headmaster in his speech introduced the school counsellor, pointing out that this man might be useful for this age group. He described the age as going to the dark side of the moon whilst orbitting the moon.  There was reference to Apollo 13 mission as well but I paraphrased. 
Hence the title of the layout. What is more appropriate than a moon and a few owls to complete the night scene ?

Next I have J's to share with you. I have so say, J has definitely come out to the light side.  He is now very pleasant and also very helpful...I nearly fainted when he came into the kitchen and said, "Do you need any help, mummy ?". He did help before but only if asked so him offering was a new thing for me.
Have you seen the Bits from Amy Tangerine ? They are really cool. Go get youselves some.