Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Notes from 1990

I made a layout with his photo :). My journalling says, "Do you remember this t-shirt ? You used to wear a chunky knitted jumper with a large motif...Matisse it was, I think. Your duvet used to say Little Monster but that is now handed down...". We still have that duvet cover and the boys are using it. In fact, we probably still have that knitted jumper!

I have used Crate Paper Farmhouse range. I am really fond of this range...I think I am starting to have an affinity with farming due to our small garden turning into one...what with chicken and enlarge veg patch and maybe, one day soon, even a beehive or two.

I am into masking right now. The chicken wire mask that I have actually mask out the wire portion so in this layout I actually turned over an inky mask to produce the reverse. To make it easier, I think there is a version out that does the reverse chicken wire.

Anyone coming to Warrington for Sarah's Card's retreat ? Less that a month to go. Are you excited. I am! I am really looking forward to meeting you all. I am coming on my own and this is my first time, so you be gentle with me, won't you ?

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

We Have Chickens

We went to pick our chickend on the coldest day ever. The temperature in the village was -10C. This was what the row of horse-chestnut trees looked like, all white.

The chicken enclosure was still full of snow. The chicken coop is our Christmas present from the inlaws. A built the chicken enclosure to save the rest of the garden from the chickens. I helped with the painting. Everything wooden in our garden is painted in Silver Birch.

The chickens came from a farm in Bottisham.

We were taken into a shed with something like 200 chickens and we get to choose which ones we want to take home.

We stuck with our original list of a Black Sussex, Cambridge Blue, Amber ( though Amber in reality is completely white feathered ) and Goldline. A and H have been doing a lot of research and decided on these varieties because they are calm and quiet.

A canvassed for chicken names on FB. We started everyone off with Princess Layer and the Star Wars theme stuck. The theme continued with Hen Solo, Jabba the Hen and Boba Peck (Fett, the bounty hunter). Boba Peck was my own suggestion that was not very well receive on account that Boba is a minor character. Anyone has any other suggestion for a name ?

Monday, 13 February 2012

A Tribute to My Dearest

It is our wedding anniversary in a couple of days...yes, I know, the day after Valentine's Day. Who would choose to get married the day after Valentine's Day, right ? Well, A reasoned, that way, he will never forget! So we did.

It is our 21st. Here's a layout to commemorate.

Next is a layout that I created for Sarah's Cards February Challenge. Nat has challenged us to create a layout inspired by the movies so I went this way,with a layout entitled, 'If our life was a movie'.

He wins my award for being funny, sensitive, generous, supportive...

I have used an assortment of Thickers and the very gorgeous, Crate Paper's Paper Heart range.

Did you check out that link to Sarah's Cards ? If not, join us here for a chance to win £20 e-voucher to spend at Sarah's Cards. You might get some spending money to splash out some fantastic goodies arriving at the store from CHA, very, very soon.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sian's Storytelling Sunday - How we met, many years ago

A and I met at Imperial where we studied Computing, many years ago. I think he was one of the first people on the course that I met, on account of having the same tutor. We had a meeting with Dr M on the first day. But I can't say I remember. He used to carry a lunch box, a pink teddy or sometimes, yellow teddy. I remember the teddy from that first day! By now you would have guessed, it was not love-at-first-sight kinda story.

Actually, we didn't even move within the same circle of friends. A would say, "she was one of those hard working foreign students". We only connected in the summer holidays between the second and third year.

Aaah, the summer of 1990. I spent that summer in college. Both A and I were working that summer, cleaning rooms that the college was letting out to visiting students. We started hanging out together and by the time term started, we were an item. I attributed it to the fact that when I mentioned that I love Black Forest Gateau, A promptly baked one, just for me.

I have been reminiscing so I decided to pull out some photos from that time. These photos were taken during 1990, in his room ( I think number 11 ) at Weeks Hall.

Edited to add, read more wonderful story at Sian's.