Thursday, 26 June 2014

We have a school leaver

I went to J's school leaving drinks last night. How did that happen ? Excuse the reminiscing to follow...

This is a photo of him in September 1999, excited to be leaving for his new school.  Look at the size of that book bag!

On arrival at school, we snapped another photo.

Another first day when he went up to secondary.

And finally last day at sixth form.

As you can see the pose hasn't changed very much. We might have moved house but we still have the tradition of taking a photo next to the house sign.  It has become a measure of how the children have grown...

I am still looking for the layout I made for his very-very first day. I think it is called "15 years of school starts today". I have recently made this layout called "15 years of school ends today". 

This evening he will attend the last event he will attend for school...he is going to the Leavers' Ball.  DJ photos to follow.