Wednesday 21 October 2009

Sneaky for Exhall

I am getting excited about the crop at Exhall this weekend ( and even more nervous LOL ). Here are some sneaks of my classes. Claire did the image for her mailing and I think it is rather COOL.

Thursday 15 October 2009

It is almost half term

Where has the time gone ?

I have been busy meeting other parents at school, going to various parents' evening, taking up upholstery, fitting out my new scrap room, doing the garden ( well, A did most of this! ), making curtains, sewing a Greek toga for H...

I have also been asked to do classes for a couple of crops YAY. Claire Wheatley (Weetabix) has asked me to do classes for her crop in Exhall (Coventry) on 25th October. I am so excited to have been asked, thank you Claire. If you go to Exhall and you see one nervous person at your crop next week, please say hello! The classes are ready, I just need some sun to photograph. I am not at liberty to disclose information about the other crop though LOL.

All the news are great but a bit dry without some pictures, right ? So here are a couple of LOs that I can actually share.

We went to see Marlins vs NY Jets game in Miami. It was our first baseball game and J had to explain the rules and the scoring to us. Ok, he was a first timer too but he acquired all these playing on Wii Sport! Next is an H LO. We were on Hunstanton Beach and H was treated like a toy by his father and brother...they buried him, carried him, put him in the water....but as you can see, he smiled through it all.