Monday 15 February 2010

19th wedding anniversary

It is our wedding anniversary today and he bought me this sofa. No, we've not gone mad. I started doing upholstery in September and have now finished (well, nearly! ) our dining chairs. I'll share that soon. In the mean time, I've been looking for my next project and found this at an antique shop the other side of the country. It is being couriered over in the next couple of weeks and I can't wait to get ripping all that apart. I am very excited.

Tuesday 9 February 2010

2 weeks, 2 stores, 1 layout..

That sounds cryptic. Let me explain.

Hilary asked me how I go about creating my layouts. I am not sure I came up with a convincing reply. I don't really have a set procedure, my layouts take shape as inspiration strike. Here's how one layout came about.

About 2 weeks ago, I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep (don't worry, this is not a bedroom story! ). Lucky him, he was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. My mind started wandering, I started thinking about the day's events. I usually get a comprehensive report from H as to what went on at school and today was no exception. He told me how they were researching interest rates and a home for their money for 2 years without exit penalty. Woo...I was impressed. He said they were going to do shares next. He was full of enthusiasm. Wouldn't that make a great LO ? So the next thing going through my mind is the LO. Though I didn't get very far ( I assume I was asleep very soon ), I thought about what I am going to say...something along the line of "you find maths tedious but as soon as they stuck a £ sign infront of the numbers, everything change.working on interest rates and shares really captured your imagination".

A couple of days later I was in PCWorld and saw a boxed software entitled, "I hate maths" where the word hate has been scribbled out and replaced with love. Right, perfect title for my layout too.

Last Saturday I was in the "new" Anthropologie store on Regent Street in London. They had a sign by the till saying "Please queue here". Shame I haven't got a photo to share but I will attempt to describe it. It is made of a beige card, with a sheet of grid paper in the middle and a few strips of masking tapes going across the page. On the masking tape strips, they have "stamped" the words "Please queue here". And you know what, that became the basis of my layout.

On Monday, I went to pick up from school armed with my camera. I persuaded H to let me take a photo of him.

Yesterday I set about making this layout. I have rephrased the journalling a bit so I get to mention the positive (enthusiasm) before the negative (tedious). It is called "love maths". Otherwise, it is pretty much as I had seen in the stores and planned. I stamped "hate" on a strip of masking tape, scribbled out and wrote "love" instead. I have also used a sheet of square ruled paper.

And here it is. Funny how this layout is a result of a visit to 2 very different stores. You must think I am forever shopping ! How do you make yours ? What is the best place for inspiration ?

Monday 8 February 2010

For my Valentine

I have made this canvas. I recently "discovered" Claudine Hellmuth whilst perusing craft books on Amazon and bought Collage Discovery Workshop.

The canvas was first covered with a sheet of piano music ( a love song, of course! ) before I added gesso, acrylic paint and tissue paper. Then I added "us", with book page upper body as per instructions in Claudine's book. I added a tree cut out (that was intended for another project but didn't make it on there ), some Glitz roller stamp, the two love birds in the tree and some distressed inky edges. Lastly some stickles for sparkly shoes and diamond necklace and "all you need is love" stamped discreetly at the bottom.

It still feels a bit bare and sparse for my taste but I hope he likes it. Next project is a little card to go with it. Or maybe two cards seeing as it is our wedding anniversary the day after Valentine's day. So, what have you made for your beloved ?

Monday 1 February 2010

A frosty morning

It usually takes us 15 minutes to arrive at school but this morning's journey took us 45 minutes. I hope J wasn't too late for first lesson. I was queueing for most of the four miles there but the scary part was the journey back. My traction control came on several times but the worse part was when an idiot on a bike decided to cut in front of me whilst I was turning down into our road. Some cyclists seems to have a death wish! Supposed I couldn't stop ? I also saw a car and several bikes stopped at one roundabout ( no serious injury that I could spot ) but I am guessing the driver couldn't stop her car ?

We had a sprinkling of snow on Saturday and the days have been sunny and frosty since then. Unfortunately, not enough to provide pretty photo opportunity! So here are some photos from last year. I made this LO for Scrapbook Magazine Issue 43.

Those poor horses provided a very pastoral scenic photo opportunity. Old house, old village ( we were fighting BT to keep that red phone box! ) and a day off school. I think everyone stayed home that day. The village felt very festive, everyone was out playing in the snow followed by lunch in the pub. I managed to use some "old" fabric tabs, I can't even recall the name of the company who made them. Are they still trading ?