Thursday, 1 May 2014

Missing but In Action

Dearest lovelies, sorry for the long delay.  I have had a busy few months.  I might be missing from this blog, but I have been scrapping.

Did you see a fortnight of WOW! Embossing on Scrap365 blog ?  I contributed with Country Pursuits where I have been making resin embellishments using WOW! Melt It Powder and Embossing Powder.  I think I might have to invest in more colours...

My excuses ?  I have been looking for work so have filled applications and attended multiple interviews.  I have now accepted an offer to teach Computer Science at a local secondary.  We have also had builders working in the kitchen which is now operational though not complete. We didn't have a cooker or oven or sink for 3 weeks. Fortunately that period coincided with the good weather we had so b-b-q's were in order. Not a campfire in the living room as one neighbour cheekily enquired!

ps: the builders weren't incompetent or anything...we are now waiting for the latex on the floor to dry before it is tiled!


Unknown said...

Gorgeous. Looks like we have both been MIA...glad you are back too.

Sian said...

I saw that page and loved it :)

That's great news about the job. I've been wondering how the other applications and offers have been going in your house too!

alexa said...

Many congratulations on the new job! When do you start? This is a stunning page - your clustering is very pretty... Nice to see you :).